Ginger & Pear 'Toddy'



A warm cocktail always has its place in entertaining, but more so as the seasons turn cool (we hear you Melbourne! 🌧). Experience Umenoyado's Aragoshi Ginger Blossom in our Ginger & Pear 'Toddy'. Poured over thin slices of pear, a warmed rich pear nectar blends beautifully with this stunning liqueur. Adding to this already deliciously aromatic elixir, is a touch of spice from a cinnamon stick. While you sip slowly on this decadent drink, the sliced pears are soaking up the liqueur’s flavours so don't forget to fish them out at the end for an extra treat!
30-60ml Umenoyado Ginger Blossom Liqueur. Note that this liqueur is quite concentrated so please adjust according to how much heat you like.
120ml Warm Pear Juice or favourite nectar
Finely Sliced Pears
Cinnamon Stick