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Ginger Blossom & Raspberry Fizz


Ginger Blossom and Raspberry Fizz Cocktail 

Ginger Blossom & Raspberry Fizz

This intriguing cocktail is refreshing with a delicious and warming heat. Served over ice and simply stunning in the summer as a thirst quencher, this is just as enjoyable in the colder months with its spicy kick from the ginger. Do take in the floral aroma to delight the senses.
Using just a few ingredients, it's simple to create for guests who swan in for that impromptu get-together!
20-30ml Aragoshi Ginger Blossom
Rasberry Flavoured Mineral Water
Crushed Ice
Raspberries and Lime to garnish

  1. In a highball, pour a measure of Aragoshi Ginger Blossom. A little goes a long way and you can make it as strong as you like it
  2. Top with flavoured mineral water over crushed ice. We've used raspberry in this one but feel free to try it with blood orange, lemon or lime flavoured mineral water as well
  3. Garnish with fresh raspberries and lime slices 

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