Ringo Velvet


Ringo Velvet

Experience our Ringo Velvet. Combine your favourite sake and with a splash of cloudy apple juice for a sweeter, more refreshing cocktail. Serve with beetroot juice ice cubes for a full and earthy flavour. It looks and tastes sensational!

Beetroot juice ice cubes
45ml Sake
45ml Cloudy apple juice
Elderflower for garnish (optional)
  1. Pre-prepare beetroot juice ice cubes. Preferably with a vitamizer, blend raw beetroot, enough to freeze 1 large cube per serving.
  2. Place beetroot cubes into glass.
  3. Pour cloudy apple juice first, followed by preferred sake.
  4. For added richness and a look of sophistication, half freeze beetroot ice cubes for a chilled fruity burst of juice from the centre when pouring the sake over.
  5. Garnish with elderflower.
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