Japanese Craft Beer with Pizza

Pizza is a favourite relaxed meal, but it’s simplicity belies it’s complexity. A marriage of incredibly vivid flavours with a sweet tomato base, slices of cured salami and rich, salty, gooey cheese on a crusty dough base. Drinking a cleansing, bright beer is a great natural food pairing. The Kawaba Premium Amber Ale, Weizen and Yukihotaka Pilsner are the perfect uplifting and refreshing beers to get in the mix.

The rich fruity taste of the Amber Ale blends with the intense tomato flavours in the pizza and the beer’s wonderful caramelised malty notes complement the savoury grainy base. The Weizen beer’s smooth, clean lines with superbly balanced spritz of fruit and grain mesh seamlessly with the pizza’s umami deliciousness. The Pilsner is clear and crisp and the Yukihotaka rice added to the brew gives a lightly textured beer that feels so refreshing after each bite of scrumptious cheesy pizza goodness.




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