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Ruby Tini



Ruby Tini

A refreshing combination of saké, lemon and honey, Umenoyado Aragoshi Lemon is an infused liqueur that can be enjoyed both hot and chilled. While it can be simply be mixed with hot or cold water, we've come up with a simple autumn inspired cocktail recipe for you try - the Ruby Tini - just look at the colour!
60ml (or more) Cranberry Juice*
Rosemary for garnish

    1. In fancy glasses or a jug for pouring, in which case you will adjust the measurements accordingly, pour 60ml Aragoshi Lemon
  1. Top with 60ml or more Cranberry juice. Pomegranate juice is just as delicious!
  2. Garnish with rosemary for a nice little infusion
  3. Take in all the aromas and drink in good company!

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