Saké Pairing with Pizza

That slice of pizza on your plate has your tastebuds in hyperdrive as you reach for it. Drool-worthy melted cheese topping, cured pepperoni and rich tomato sauce all packed with glutamates, the chemical building blocks of umami - the fifth sense of taste. The crunchy, wood-fired crust supports this flavour bomb and a glass of saké is the perfect pour, uniting all these elements. Saké is loaded with umami (unlike wine which has low levels) and when it’s paired with savoury foods, we get mega impact - 1 + 1 = 8.

Open a bottle of saké and enjoy the soft aromas and subtle fruity sweetness sweep across your palate as you take a sip. Saké blends beautifully with the inherent sweetness of roasted tomato and it’s gentle acidity is a foil for rich, salty cheese. Toasted grain notes and layered texture in these saké are in harmony with the crunchy, crispy pizza base with those wood-fired, blackened crusty edges.