Saké Pairing with Chinese Cuisine

A Chinese banquet is an experience designed to delight the senses. An array of food that combines and contrasts both flavour and texture; the crunch of a spring roll pastry, the bright green of vegetable, the soft pillow of sweet prawn dumpling. Let’s have just one more duck pancake to revel in that balance of savoury, sweet and spice. Perfect for this Asian adventure are these saké with an impeccable balance of soft fruitiness opening to that unmistakeable savoury deliciousness of umami. The yin and yang of rice wrapped in crisp elegance, finishing with a touch of cleansing spice.

Matchmaking saké with Chinese cooking is the story of ingredients designed to bring out the best in each other. Highly seasoned dishes are enhanced by the smooth flavours of saké, and delicate flavours are not overwhelmed. Saké does not fight with food, instead it creates harmony.