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Saké Boutique Prestige Collection

With a history of over two Millenia, Saké has developed a special cultural significance in Japan. When first produced it was revered and made as an offering to the various gods and deities of Japan’s indigenous Shinto religion. Today, while no longer reserved for the Gods and widely available, Saké is still of significant importance and like many creations of art, some are rarer and more sought after than others. At Saké Boutique, we are proud to offer an avenue to obtaining some of the most sought-after gems in the Saké world – The Saké Boutique Prestige Collection. This collection consists of rare, Limited Edition Saké that are prized targets for true connoisseurs and the absolute definition of the art of Saké making.


This collection is by Expressions of Interest only so we can understand and curate an exclusive saké list for you. Kindly fill out the contact form available on the product pages and one of our experts will be in touch.


*Discounts codes and coupons not valid on this collection.

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