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Staying true to their commitment of introducing new ways of enjoying Saké, Umenoyado Brewery’s Aragoshi Ginger Blossom is a sharp liqueur that uses grated ginger in the brewing process that gives it a delicious spicy kick of heat balanced with a sweetness on the palate and complemented by a floral aroma. This concentrated liqueur goes well with water or soda and can be enjoyed cold on a hot summer day or as a warm, relaxing drink in the cooler, winter months.

See serving suggestions below and try our sensational Ginger Blossom & Rasberry Fizz cocktail

Ingredients: Ginger, Distilled Alcohol, Saké, Sugar/Citric Acid, Vitamin C

  • Brewery: UMENOYADO
  • Region: Nara
  • Classification: Liqueur
  • Item Code: 1460:160762
  • %ALC/VOL: 15%
  • Net Volume: 720ml
  • Rice: N/A
  • Rice Polishing Rate: –
  • SMV (Sake Meter Value): –
  • Serve: This is a concentrated liqueur. Consume with 1:3 ratio cold, hot water or soda.
  • Store refrigerated once open

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