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Brewery: NOMURA


Utilising 100% locally-grown Yamadanishiki sake rice from the Ibaraki prefecture, and spring water from Mt. Tsukuba, Nomura Brewery has created a rich and flavourful saké full of delicate umami. Tsumugibijin Grand Tokubetsu-Junmai is the result of 120 years of brewing tradition, where careful attention to detail has yielded a rich, subtly sweet saké that, despite its deep flavour, manages to unfold with a distinctive lightness.

    • Brewery: NOMURA
    • Region: Ibaraki
    • Classification: Junmaishu
    • Item Code: 161031
    • %ALC/VOL: 15
    • Net Volume: 720ml
    • Rice: Yamadanishiki
    • Rice Polishing Rate: 60%
    • SMV (Sake Meter Value): +2
    • Serve: Room Temperature | Warm | Hot
    • Matching Food: Chinese Cuisine | Pizza

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