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Made from what is arguably the best rice for saké brewing, Yamadanishiki rice, Kato Kichibei’s Born Ginsen is the result of traditional brewing methods refined over 11 generations of master brewers, going all the way back to 1860. Living up to its reputation of using only the best ingredients, Kato Kichibei couples subsoil water of the Hakusan mountain peaks with Yamadanishiki rice and home-cultured yeast to create a refined sake that is clean and well-balanced in taste and fragrance. Aged for two years in its unpasteurized state under 0 degrees celcius, Born Ginsen offers a fragrance that comes with a hint of grapefruit and can be enjoyed at any temperature.

2016 Kobe IWC – Gold Medal
2016 US National Sake Appraisal – Silver
2016 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition – Gold
2013-2015 US National Sake Appraisal – Gold for 3 consecutive years
2010 IWC Champion Junmai

  • Brewery: KATO KICHIBEI
  • Region: Fukui
  • Classification: Junmai Daiginjo
  • Item Code: 167900
  • %ALC/VOL: 15%
  • Net Volume: 720ml
  • Rice: Yamadanishiki
  • Rice Polishing Rate: 50%
  • SMV (Sake Meter Value): -
  • Serve: Cold | Cool | Room Temperature
  • Matching Food: Seafood | Sushi

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