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The Atagonomatsu Sakè brand has been a part of Niizawa Brewing Company since its inception almost 150 years ago and this sparkling variation is a testament their one-and-a-half centuries of evolving expertise. Over the years, Sparkling Sakè has become an established toasting beverage often served at a Gala Fashion Show or Celebrity Ball and Atagonomatsu Sparkling Sakè is an ideal example of that. Upon approach, one is greeted with a gentle aroma not unlike muscat, which is quickly followed by an invigorating taste that spreads across the palate. Best served cold in a champagne glass, the refreshing bubbles moderate the inherent sweetness that often comes with sparkling Sakè, making it a welcome refreshment either as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to the main meal.

Kura Master 2020 Salmon Sparkling Category Gold Award

  • Brewery: Niizawa Brewery 
  • Region: Miyagi
  • Classification: Sake
  • Item Code: 165406 (720ml);  165407 (360ml); 
  • %ALC/VOL: 13%
  • Net Volume: 360ml, 720ml
  • Rice: 
  • Rice Polishing Rate: 55%
  • SMV (Sake Meter Value): -
  • Serve: Cold | Chilled
  • Matching Food: Oysters, Scallops | Light Seafood Dishes

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