Mutsu Hassen "Hassen Bijin No Yu" Bathbomb Gift with Purchase Offer

Offer extended!
We have a limited number of Hassen Bijin No Yu Saké Bathbombs, to give away with every purchase of 720ml Mutsu Hassen saké.
Hassen Bijin No Yu Saké Bathbombs use sake lees from Mutsu Hassen, a brand of Japanese sake Hachinohe Shuzo has produced since 1775. The sake lees is a superfood that includes proteoglycan which moisturises and hydrates the skin to keep it healthy. It also uses all natural ingredients, including select ginger powder and coarse salt, which are made in Tohoku. Simply dissolve in a warm/hot bath; relax and enjoy – just in time for winter!


Terms & Conditions:

  • Offer valid with purchase of 720ml Mutsu Hassen Saké only. Click on the link to explore the range
  • Receive 1 x Mutsu Hassen Bijin No Yu Bathbombs for every bottle of Mutsu Hassen Saké purchased.
  • Free gift Mutsu Hassen Bijin No Yu Bathbombs are limited and subject to availability. Random scent of bathbomb selected, no exchanges offered. No substitutions will be offered.
  • Offer valid from 1 June, 2022 whilst stocks last.