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Hailing from the Nara prefecture, in the Kansai region of Honshu, Umenoyado Aragoshi Lemon is the creation of Umenoyado Saké Brewery, a 120-year-old brewery that specialises in handcrafted Sake. A refreshing combination of saké, lemon and honey, this citrus infused liqueur can be enjoyed both hot and chilled. When mixed with hot water, Aragoshi Lemon offers a fragrant aroma and sweetness, making it an ideal winter beverage. In summer, Aragoshi Lemon mixed with soda on ice provides the perfect refreshment, making this Liqueur a drink for any occasion.

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  • Brewery: UMENOYADO
  • Region: Nara
  • Classification: Liqueur
  • Item Code: 160756
  • %ALC/VOL: 10%
  • Net Volume: 720ml
  • Rice: N/A
  • Rice Polishing Rate: –
  • SMV (Sake Meter Value): –
  • Serve: With soda water | Hot (1:2 ratio hot water)
  • Ingredients:  Lemon, lemon flavoured liquor (domestic production), saké, brewed alcohol, sugar, honey, citric acid
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